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Fumigation Solutions

Fumigation Solution is a method of pest control that uses a toxic gas to exterminate pests in an enclosed space. The space is sealed to prevent the gas escaping to areas that are not being treated, for environmental and public safety, and to keep the gas at the required concentration for the appropriate time to be effective. Fumigants are used to exterminate exotic pests in a wide range of environments such as: Ship holds, Grain stores, Shipping containers, Buildings, Food processing, Equipment.

Fogging Solutions

Fogging Treatment is carried out for control of various flying insects and chiggers including but not limited to house flies, squids and mosquitoes. The treatment involves fogging in the open spaces primarily for Mosquitoes Control. Frequency of services depends on level of infestation and surrounding area. Its an awesome tool for pest control in the open areas.

Fogging service is ideal for poultry farms, bung lows, party lawns, housing society, farm houses, schools, industries, restaurants etc.

Farm House Pest Control Solutions

From lawn pest control to outdoor mosquitoes and ticks and from centipedes to millipedes we have solutions for all. At the same time we use the best in class solutions and medicines, which are 100% safe for your pets and your kids and our technicians, are very well trained to use the correct doses and on correct time and schedule. Our technicians will help you identify the insects most likely to invade your home’s interior.

These trained technicians use a proven, regular maintenance strategy to protect your home and family from bugs and the diseases they carry.
We have certified and renowned fogging services for your outdoors, we also help you stay safe from ticks those can give you Lyme disease or other transferable diseases to your pets, call us and ask for barrier treatment for these ticks.

Industrial Pest Control Solutions

Diadem International Cleaning Services have solutions for large industrial units as well as small factories which can prevent pest issues and allow workers to carry out their official tasks duty effectively. We will work with you in achieving your vision on; General Quality Monitoring, Environmental concerns, Health and Safety related as well as efficiency and workmanship procedures and processes related.

These may be ISO, HACCP, OHSAS, BIS, ISI and so on and so forth.

Ware House Pest Control Solutions

Diadem International Cleaning Services are expert in serving and maintaining. We make companies and warehouse manager experience 100% pest free zone. Our expert services keep the warehouse clean and allow workers to focus on their KPI’s rather than unplanned pest issues.


We are among the very few in this highly unorganized industry who is well learned, well equipped, well trained and operate with utmost care.


Head Office: Block 4, Suite 10, Bar- beach tower, Bishop Oluwole, Victoria Island.

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Our Fast Expert Team Ready For Your Cleaning Work.