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Office Pest Control Solutions

Now the companies are paying very high attention and possesses a zero tolerance towards any type of unhygienic element in or around the workplace and Pests are among their top priority. A research conducted in big five nations (USA/UK/Italy/Germany/France) showed $Billions of lost revenue due to pests in office.

They calculated on the basis of time lost due to a cable been cut by a rodent in the server room or a lizard or a spider scaring the ladies away etc. and the results are astonishing.
Diadem International Cleaning Services understand the importance of this and hence our commitment towards giving a zero pest environment to all our corporate customers, always.

Shop/Supermarket Pest Control Solutions

Rats and Mice are the biggest problem for stores. They are mostly found in the basement, and it is actually even more
difficult for them to control when living in the basement. Cockroach, termites and silverfish also attack stores. We have dedicated resources to take care of Malls as well by giving full time service in both small and large shopping complexes.

We station our staffs on full time or on hourly basis to do general pest control in these places on a daily basis and ensure that the guests and shoppers visiting get a nice and pest free place to enjoy and spend time.


Hospital Pest Control Solutions

Hospitals and Nursing homes or clinics are the places people consider a benchmark for utmost health and hygiene.
At Diadem International Cleaning Services, we do not offer cookie-cutter programs for healthcare sector because we know how important it is to make your customers feel and believe that your environment is 100% clean and free from any diseases and diseases carrying pest.

We do a comprehensive on-site inspection and detailed analysis of all your needs before drafting a precise plan and venturing into the job. We would talk to the facility managers and try to understand the pest pressures they face, the prone areas and the entry point’s analysis, and in case you have an in-house kitchen as well we would like to consider that at a distinct level for a specific flash out treatment and ongoing regular cycles.

Educational Institute Pest Control Solutions

Schools these days are getting very particular about the health of the children. A lot of strength is being injected daily in creating good health and safety awareness amongst children. For large educational institutions like University Campuses we have special offers and schemes to carry out pest control in the whole campus, we support fogging as well as help in termite control as termites are the main concerns for any educational institute because they see a lot of wood to eat.

Hotel & Resort Pest Control Solutions

Our Integrated Pest Management methodologies helps hospitality businesses stay compliant with legislatives and auditors requirements. We provide comprehensive treatments with thorough inspection and understanding about the pests’ whereabouts. We believe in a continuous fight with them as Pests are called the biggest competitors of humanity.

Restaurant & Cafe Pest Control Solution

Our Integrated Pest Management approach solves the pest problem in all restaurants, cafes and delivery kitchens. The methodology is simple and as follows;
Inspection: By our trained technician for minutest of the early signs of pest infestation
Sanitation: We also call it flash out treatment to clean the entire restaurant before regular updates
Exclusion: Putting barriers on the entry of all pests
Baiting: Catching the unwanted intruders and
Elimination: of pests by continuous monitoring and control.


We are among the very few in this highly unorganized industry who is well learned, well equipped, well trained and operate with utmost care.


Head Office: Block 4, Suite 10, Bar- beach tower, Bishop Oluwole, Victoria Island.

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Our Fast Expert Team Ready For Your Cleaning Work.